Silver spotted Bengal kitten for Sale


Many In Stock

We have a new Silver and Charcoal litter born available.  If you're interested in reserving a Bengal kitten please contact me on Instagram. Videos of this kittens are posted there.

Our pricing includes vaccination, de-worming, litter registration and a 5 generation genealogy tree provided by with The International Cat Association. We are a registered bengal cat breeder and holder of The International Cat Association Certificate Excellence Award.

We want to ensure the health and safety of our kittens, therefore, we have some important instructions for you to follow once you receive your new feline friend. To begin with, please do not vaccinate your kitten against the Feline Leukemia Virus or FIP vaccine. Studies have shown that the FIP vaccine has a low effectiveness, and it can actually cause the disease it's trying to prevent.

Additionally, do not give a RABIES vaccine in combination with any other vaccine. If you decide to vaccinate your kitten against rabies, it should be administered at least 3 weeks apart from any other shots AND given in a killed format only.

Lastly, we suggest giving one more distemper booster at 16 weeks, then one booster when the cat is one year old, followed by boosters every other year. It is the responsibility of the buyer to have the kitten spayed or neutered when they are 5-6 months of age. Registration papers will be withheld until we receive proof of spay or neuter.